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It may be fitting to have an order of service that reflects the deceased’s unique personality, and meets their

religious, cultural and personal preferences. These can be produced very plainly or may be enhanced by

photographs of the deceased, their pets, favourite cars, organisation emblems, regimental badges and places that

mean a lot to them.


Thorne-Leggett can produce these on your behalf. We require four working days to design, artwork and email a

proof for you and the officiating minister to check. In the event of a Requiem Mass it will be necessary to receive

guidance from the priest. At a lesser cost we can print simple sheets with just the hymns or songs assuming the

chosen piece is not available in the hymnbooks at the place of service.


Sometimes you may wish to know the presence of those attending, particularly useful when writing letters of

thanks to people. We can supply ‘Pew Cards’, which are handed to the mourners or placed on the pews in a

church or place of service. Following the service we will collect the cards and return them to you.

printed order of service

We are happy to assist

in providing a fitting

printed order of service.